New T-shirt

I was hoping to get a picture of my new T-shirt (a gift from a like minded individual who I will allow to remain anonymous). Sadly, I didn't. I did wear it today proudly as promised. From the public I encountered, I heard 4 positive responses and 0 negative responses, which surprised me. Anyway, below is the shirt and I recommend buying one for all your friends.

By the way, I think many people may be concerned that the T-shirt is insulting. However, I have thought about it and in fact I can not come up with an offensive message from the shirt, unless you believe it nullifies Jesus's accomplishments as a scientist. Enjoy!


  1. I love a sarcastic and/or satirical T-shirt as much as anyone... However while I don't DISlike this one, I'm not entirly sure WHY it's funny. I guess I need my comedy to be spelled out for me.

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  3. Now that "photo" would make an EXCELLENT t-shirt, Snapper!!

  4. Alright, likely bringing it out in public tomorrow...we'll see how it flies.


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