Palin loves science....NOT

A week late, but OMFG!!!!

Please can we NOT elect a person who wraps herself in the fur of proud ignorance, wears the tiara of stupidity, and walks around in 6 inch least-common-denominator stilettos. "Phroot phalie research" she drawls, the loathing just dripping from her lips. The disdain is overwhelming. She doesn't know what she's talking about but she is damn sure of herself. Another 4 years with someone thinking with their gut, great maybe she can digest with kidney, breath with her brain, and talk out of her ass....oh wait a minute. Of course we'll throw in a nasally drawl (complete with belittling smirk) "in Paris, France!" immediately followed with the "I kid you not." line. I think she meant to say "I kid you not, I am that fucking small minded," but she choked on her vile. Why do the front people for the rethuglican party hate France? Scratch that, they hate all "them," you know because they are not us or not-US, not-USA USA USA.

Anyway, thanks McCain for introducing us to this creationist teachin', environmental change denyin', france hatin', science scarin', end of world anticipatin' governor from Alaska Sarah Paling (figured Ild use one her wasted g's).


  1. Well now she's saying that she's in national politics to stay. Yippee! Maybe she can run for president with Elizabeth Hasselbeck, that would be super duper fun for everyone that considers "rational thought" and "logic" important personality traits for condidates...

  2. Gotta bust your balls on this one, Lorax:
    Palin's remarks on your video clip are obviously taken out of context. What the rest of the context is, I'm not willing to spend the time finding out. That said, I may never know or care what her problem is with Paris, but just because some lab is doing research using Drosophila doesn't mean that's a good allocation of funds, IMO. I'm not saying I'm a McCain/Palin supporter, but maybe I shouldn't even be reading your blog unless I'm willing to hate Republicans. Maybe Palin is small-minded, but aren't you the same when you criticize someone for her accent and choice of clothing?

  3. despite the conflict of interest, I will call you on one point.

    The clip I chose was short so the 2 people who check out my blog didnt have to watch the entire speech (it is readily available on youtube). However, the remarks were not taken out of context. She was talking about wasted resources when she wants to spend more on autism and related research. She first mentioned the "bridge to nowhere" and then the clip picked up. No balls busted here IMO.

  4. I think you may find these pictures amusing- they're by an artist named Zina Saunders and she did one about the whole "ZOMG RESEARCH ON FRUIT FLIEZ!? WTF R THOZ!?" that I found pretty friggin' fantastic (it's my wallpaper on my laptop in fact...

    Here is the whole gallery of political drawings:

    Here is the Sarah Palin vs. Science drawing:


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