Rodents and Seasonal Changes

It's that time of year when the temperatures are dropping and the field mice are looking to relocate to warmer climes (namely my goddamn house). We found clear evidence of murine activity the other night (mouse shit in place of some dried berries my wife had used in some artwork). So I immediately set up three traps to begin to restore the natural order of things. Well the next morning I check said traps, to prevent surprise discoveries by said wife. Well three traps set, four mice dead! WOOT!....wait a minute, four? Yep (and I should have taken a picture as depraved as that sounds) three mice were dispersed between the three traps, and the fourth apparently stumbling on the carnage in the night suffered a massive heart attack and died on the spot in a manner I imagine went something like this....

Mouse 1 Ill go over here and check out that peanut butter smell
Mouse 2 Sounds good Ill head over here to the left and check out this other peanut butter smell
Mouse 3 Thinking to self "Noobs," Sounds like a plan, Ill be over by this other wall by myself. Eating all this other peanut butter without having to share with you tools.

off camera SNAP! SNAP! SNAP!

Mouse 4 Whistling a happy mouse tune. Hey Bertie? You out here Gertie? Is that you Joe? Guys aren't moving too much. Hey, are you guys skarfing all the food?!?! Guys? guys?? Oh god Bertie!!! Joe, come here! Gertie is dead oh hell she's DEAD! Joe hurry! Bertie quit sitting there like an IDiot! Bertie? Oh sweet cheese factory. BERTIE! No!.... Joe where the hell are....Joe? Not Joe tooooo urk....

And scene

OR maybe two mice were eating peanut butter from a trap when it sprung, one got caught and the other got smacked on the head by the trap when it sprung. That would explain thetwo dead mice and explains the blood from mouse number 4. Nah, I like the idea expressed in mousterpiece theater better.

Time to set more traps....

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