This made me LOL in RL so I had to share it!
Happy belated bunny day

H/T Pharyngula


  1. "Who turned off the shaker?"April 13, 2009 at 11:04 AM

    I was sent an email from a friend (because they thought it was funny, not to be taken as fact) that contained a link to a blog written by a fundamentalist Christian parent. The most recent post was about Easter eggs being pagan...this parent thought that no one should let their kids have them and that we should all take to calling them...get this..."Lucifer's testicles"...

  2. *muffled laughter @ the picture*

    *shrieking laughter @ 'Lucifer's testicles'*

  3. That's awesome. Sorta makes me wish there were more vikings who still worshiped Thor.

    Where have all the Norse Evangelical's gone?


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