101 Dalmatians, Not an Animal Rights Documentary

Look I realize that reality currently has a liberal bias and that sucks for some of the conservatives. Hell, four decades ago reality had a conservative bias and it sucked for some of the liberals. The difference between then and now is that if you want to have someone affirm you wrongness, you can simply turn on the TV and find the information you want, and I do mean want. Many Americans are not turning on the TV to get information, but to simply have their preconceived notions reaffirmed, which they are then calling information.

Not a documentary about the fur industry
Case in point, if you watch FOX news for any reason other than pornographic entertainment you are likely an idiot. Regardless what you get from this station will bring nothing to the conversation/discussion at hand. Its not that you have a conservative, small government, pro-business philosophy which is nauseating. Its that you use fiction not as an allegory or metaphor but as reality. Its like PETA using "101 Dalmatians" as a case study in animal cruelty. Anyone with any sense at all realizes that FOX news is propaganda lock stock and barrel. It is a mouthpiece of George Soros Richard Murdock.

Now all news outlets make mistakes. Its a fact. No argument. But no news outlet makes the number of 'mistakes' that FOX news makes, nor do any other news outlets make all their mistakes in a one dimensional fashion (in a proconservative manner).

For example, there is a significant protest happening in Wisconsin in response to the proposed union busting of governor Walker (R - duh). It has been all over the news.

FOX news even decided to cover it and came up with the following:

1. First apparently the neighboring state, which is at the same latitude, ends winter sometime in January/early February. Or FOX news lies (the key is the lack of snow and all the greenery on those non-evergreens not to mention the clothing of people standing around outside in ~15-20°F weather).

2. Second, apparently FOX news has a problem cutting and pasting numbers or figures from one source to their own database. (On a mac, its Command-C followed by Command-V; on a PC its right-click select copy followed by right-click select paste)

3. Third, apparently if a protestor touches someone working for FOX news and the person who touched you gets harangued by other protestors, well that's assault and you were punched and got charlie horses, but of course despite the beating you were so macho (and dare I say a ladies man) that you just dealt with it.

(As an aside, I believe the beaten and pummeled reporter (it got better) is being interviewed by 'We-never-use-Nazi-analogies' Megyn Kelley.)

FOX news has been a propaganda machine for many years, but the point has been reached (was reached about 15 years ago) where a line in the sand was crossed. If FOX news is your source of 'information' then as far as I am concerned your opinions thoughts etc do not matter. You have chosen to not be part of the discussion. I'ld seat you at the kids table, but the kids are so well behaved and decent, I wouldn't want you teaching them your bad habits.

H/T Stephanie Zvan

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  1. nice use of ad hominem arguments and wild hyperbole. Good use of creative expression overall. Seriously though, it just seems wrong to talk about fox's conservative bias without addressing MSNBC, which we all know is fox's liberal counterpart. open your mind bro. but your mind is probably already pretty open, considering how much drugs you have probably done. Jk! but seriously, you look like a stoner...


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