G&G on the Radio

Check it out, a discussion in science education that couldn't be more timely.

Lynn Fellman will be quizzing anthropologists Genie Scott of the National Center for Science Education and Greg Laden of the University of Minnesota on the subject of creationist attempts to weaken science education in K-12 education.  Dr. Scott testified before the Texas State Board of Education as the board was considering how to rewrite the scientce standards.  Texas is critical because of the number of pupils.  Textbook publishers write their books to fit with the Texas standards, and if evolution is weakened at the whim of Texas creationists, it affects education in the rest of the states.  Dr. Laden has been watching development of the Math and Science Standards for Minnesota and will provide some updates.

Greg and Genie will also be discussing the various approaches to religion in promoting and protecting science education.  The NCSE is careful to assure religious leaders that science, properly done, is not necessarily dangerous to their faith (unless strict creationism is a cornerstone of their faith.) Many atheist scientists think that this is a dangerous approach because it dilutes science's naturalistic methodology.  They will discuss what the best approach may be, whether it is "New Atheism" or "Friendly Atheism."  

Atheists Talk is produced by Minnesota Atheists.  Stephanie Zvan is the host, and Mike Haubrich is the director.

- Tune in or kittens may be smitten


  1. You know Mike. That will bring the news to ~1.2 other people before tomorrow :P


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