Update on Science Education in Minnesota

It is with great pride and belated exhaustion that I present to you:

Science Standards w00t!!!11!!

On a related but tangential note, tomorrow at 9:00AM on AM 950 "Atheist Talk" is having Blogger Greg Laden (I think he may do other stuff too) and Genie Scott (the NCSE executive director) on to discuss Science Education. I believe this is simply coincidental but you know what lunatics people say about interesting coincidences.


  1. My first comment (compliment) is that the format of the standards is more clear and readable than the 2003 version. The second, is a thanks for preventing any sort of ambiguity on the use of the word "evolution" in the life science strands.

  2. Mike, the compliments are appreciated.

    Full disclosure, the compliments regarding the format belong to much more organized people than me. But I am sure they will appreciate them, I know the core writers worked hard to try and get things as clear and well put together as possible. (Here's hoping a frameworks document gets completed as well to provide some guidance for school districts and teachers.)

    Regarding evolution, that was an interesting story that occurred over the year of working on the standards. Well, it probably isnt that interesting, but it is a story.


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