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So how to start.....Welcome and thanks for coming. I'll start by answering a few questions regarding who I am and what the purpose of this blog is and is not

Who am I? Tough question. Most relevant is I am a family guy (not The family guy), husband and father. I am a scientist, assistant professor of microbiology at a major research institution. I am also an opinionated bastard or at least have been called that. I am not politically correct, or at the very least, I do not actively try to be. I am happy to call a spade a spade and will not pussyfoot around an issue because someone will get offended (and I promise you that someone will get offended). If you are easily offended go read another blog. I do not tolerate stupidity and I expect much from people (yes I am generally disappointed). I am not perfect and will admit to a mistake if I make one, though it doesnt happen often. I do not know everything and enjoy learning new things and ideas.

What is the purpose of this blog? Well in short I think a lot about many issues and want to share those thoughts with others. Over the last 10 or so years, I have thought much about science and the impact of science on society as a whole. One thing I have decided is that scientists, as a whole, suck at interacting with society. We have our champions, notably Carl Sagan and Stephen J, Gould and Richard Dawkins, but by and large, we live in our labs, talk with our colleagues, and go on our merry way. At one time, I think this probably worked well, because society (of course I am specifically refering to American society) had a healthy respect and appreciation for science. I think that has fundamentally changed over the last few decades for a variety of reasons we can explore at another time. Now I think a good proportion of society does not understand the power of science, does not appreciate science, nor does it have respect for science. In short I see a real backlash against science by our society and firmly believe this is ultimately a very bad thing for us all.

What is not the purpose of this blog? Hmm not sure. Because many of my blogs will be about religion and pseudoscience I will attract people who disagree with me or as I like to call them, idiots. This will immediately lead to flames from said idiots which may lead to rebuttal flames from non-idiots. I do not want this blog to become a perpetual flame war. So, feel free to comment but I would like to end with a quote, whose source I have forgotten, "I'll be less mean, if you be less stupid."

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Anonymous said...

You are one angry, passionate blogger. Good work.