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Minnesota needs scientists

The state of Minnesota Department of Education is accepting applications for people to serve on the Science Standards Revision Committee. (see MN Science Standards). There is a healthy time commitment from the March 2008 - February 2009, however I strongly recommend that if you are truly interested in maintaining/improving science education in the state to apply. The application is painless some quick questions to find out who you are and a place for any relevant comments. Before applying read the Science Standards Revision: Assumptions.

I wonder about this assumption: (emphasis mine)
"7. Science Standards will reflect the scientific facts, laws, and theories of the natural and engineered world and will not include supernatural, occult or religious ideas. In addition, the following benchmark from the 2004 standards will be included in the revised standards for grades 9-12:
The student will be able to explain how scientific and technological innovations as well as new evidence can challenge portions of or entire accepted theories and models including but not limited to cell theory, atomic theory, theory of evolution, plate tectonic theory, germ theory of disease and big bang theory."

The first is well done in my opinion. That latter part has been used to suggest that Minnesota allows criticism of evolution. (Technically this is true and fine, however we all know that when the IDiots discuss criticism of evolution, they really mine substituting Bullshit for science.)

If you can not serve on this committee, you can still comment on the current standards, which were developed and approved in 2003.

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