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Intelligent Design=Fuck science Go PR!

You know, I hate the promoters of the "intelligent design" movement. They are liars, blatant, despicable, loathsome liars. These maggots sell false information, which they know is false, in order to get a political (theological) viewpoint pushed forward. They are too chickenshit to stand up for what they believe in. Rather, they work in the shadows, slinking around like the evil foul bloodsucking bastards they are. Case in point the movie "Expelled." Here's an email making the rounds (names were changed to more actually reflect the sender's brain power).

Expelled Movie Starring Ben Stein
Posted by: "Ima Dumass"
Tue Feb 12, 2008 12:16 pm (PST)

Please pass this VERY important information along to
anyone you know who may
be interested. Thanks!
Ima Dumass

Use of an all caps VERY does indeed make this email more relevant.

EXPELLED teams up with the Discovery Institute to
launch the Academic
Freedom Petition, EXPELLED receives endorsements from
James Dobson and more!

So the Discovery Institute promotes Academic Freedom! I thought they promoted the following:
Twenty Year Goals
* To see intelligent design theory as the dominant perspective in science.
* To see design theory application in specific fields, including molecular biology, biochemistry, paleontology, physics and cosmology in the natural sciences, psychology, ethics, politics, theology and philosophy in the humanities; to see its innuence in the fine arts.
* To see design theory permeate our religious, cultural, moral and political life.
This is from the Wedge document, clearly they have a strategy to make their viewpoint the dominant viewpoint. Interestingly, it does not matter what the evidence is, they have a goal and will fit/ignore/fabricate any data accordingly. Viva l'academic freedom.

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (Feb. 11, 2008) - With nothing less
than truth and freedom
at stake, the producers of EXPELLED: No Intelligence
Allowed and Motive
Entertainment have teamed up with the Discovery
Institute to launch the
Academic Freedom Petition. The petition urges
America's academic
institutions to adopt policies to ensure teachers and
students have the
freedom to discuss the scientific strengths and
weaknesses of Darwinian

They should already be shouting success. We already discuss the strength of evolution and discuss the areas of discrepancy, consider the idea of punctuated equilibrium. What these people mean, in no uncertain terms, is they want the consideration of fundamentalist creationism (rename it intelligent design, its the same poison). What the Academic Freedom Petition is for is for protection of religious nutjobs who sell creationism or other christian perspectives (flat-earth, young earth, π = 3) as science or math etc.

On another front, EXPELLED star comedian and Nixon speech-writer Ben Stein and the
producers have been
traveling the nation to meet with key leaders and
screen the movie.

Of course this has been done in an honest and upfront fashion, you know because these are good christians promoting a more moral and righteous worldview.

has received strong support already!

I wonder why?


"Ben Stein's film, EXPELLED, makes a powerful case for
Intelligent Design in
explaining the origins of life and the creation of the
universe. It also
exposes an entrenched and aggressive Darwinist
establishment in academia
that suffocates all competing points of view. Highly
qualified professors
and scientists who dare to question evolutionary
orthodoxy are
systematically excluded or summarily dismissed. It is
political correctness
run amuck on university campuses. Stein sets out on a
mission to find out
why I.D. Is most often expelled from the public
square, and what he
discovers in this riveting documentary is incredibly
enlightening. I
recommend the film enthusiastically. "
- James C. Dobson, Ph.D., Chairman of the Board, Focus
on the Family

Ah yes, the powerful case. Let's see, scientists have all the data. So I guess the powerful case for intelligent design is that someone who knows very, I mean VERY, little biology can easily understand intelligent design and it fits in neatly with their preconceived world views.

"This is an enormously important project and I am so
proud of the fact that
Ben Stein, who is a national treasure
let's bury him then, is part of it.
People know that there
is a dictatorial impulse at work in the land to shut
down even the most
elementary questioning of this unquestionable belief
in random evolution and
the American people don't like being told by their
'betters' what they are
supposed to believe."
- Michael Medved, nationally syndicated radio host

Its true any old ignoramus should be able to have whatever facts™ they like and have those facts™ be equal to the facts found through painstaking research and effort. God™ forbid someone, who has studied for years and thought deeply about an area (aka 'betters'), might actually know more about said area than your local dittohead. Here's a thought Medved, next time you need a doctor, have the local Kmart checkout person fix you up, I mean you wouldn't want one of these 'betters' acting like they know something.

"EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed is earthshaking. I
was absolutely blown
away. Ben Stein boldly shines a light of honest
inquiry revealing that
evolution's emperor has no clothes. It will have
Darwin's disciples
scurrying for the shadows. Everyone in America, even
skeptics of Intelligent
Design, must see this film. They can't possibly walk
away without at least
admitting that the debate over who we are and how we
got here is far from
over. The controversy will be intense, so get ready
for a rollercoaster ride
- J. Matt Barber, Director for Cultural Issues,
Concerned Women for America

True, everyone may walk away from a movie admitting there is a debate. I mean, since you have no evidence, or predictive value to your "theory," make a movie. Its not about science, its about public opinion polls.

"EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed offers a compelling
examination of an
important topic for everyone who values the freedom to
explore ideas that
challenge conventional wisdom. Ben Stein has given us
a powerful documentary
about the widespread repression of faith-friendly
scientific scholarship.
Along the way, he also makes a strong case for a
return to civil discourse
in a time when political correctness often overshadows
the search for truth.
EXPELLED is an engaging film that features a winning
combination of humor
and reason with just the right tone needed to bring
its significant story to
the worldwide audience."
- Ronald D. Ellis, Ph.D., President, California
Baptist University
Read more at: www.GetExpelled. com/quotes. php

Civil discourse?!?! Hey Ben Stein, Fuck off! The last thing these people are interested in truth. They insult the very word by using it. These people routinely lie, they quote people out of context to change the meaning of their words, they make up facts to suit their purposes. They are not interested in the truth, they are interested in ensuring their tiny little worldview is mandated to the rest of the country. The fact is, they have dedicated themselves and defined themselves around one very specific interpretation of the bible. Any evidence that disagrees with this viewpoint must be squashed. While they don't speak for all christians, they have too much political power to be overlooked. There is one positive, not that long ago when people presented viewpoints that contradicted the viewpoints of these types of christians, these people were stoned to death or burned to death. Now we go on a PR campaign to malign and otherwise try to push to the fringe those who have alternate viewpoints (particularly when those viewpoints are supported by mountains of evidence.

We need your support! Here's what you can do to help
spread the word about
the movie EXPELLED and stand up for academic freedom:

Note they don't ask you to do any research or think about the science.

Send an email to all of your contacts informing them
to learn more abou t
the film by visiting www.GetExpelled. com and
encourage others to spread the

Go to your local theater and speak with a manager to
request that EXPELLED
is shown in your city. The movie is coming out this
April and you can print
off a movie poster for the theater's reference by
visiting www.GetExpelled

Buy advance tickets for your family and friends to see
the movie. Invite
everyone to see the film during opening weekend in
April 2008.

Add a banner or post a video clip to your website,
MySpace page, Shoutlife
page or blog. You can access our Tools for Webmasters
by visiting www
GetExpelled. com. We have various free resources
available for your use.
Help spread the word in your local area churches,
schools, clubs and
community centers. For more info, please email:

Here it comes...

Stand up for academic freedom and freedom of
scientific inquiry by signing
the petition at: www.academicfreedom petition. com.

This is not about academic freedom or inquiry (or even free speech). This is about special protections for an idea that has been
absolutely destroyed from a variety or perspectives. But yet we waste time and energy dealing with it.

The EXPELLED resource website - www.GetEXPELLED. com -
has added some
exciting new features. The site is packed full of
useful tools and resources
to promote the ideas surrounding this history-changing
film, which opens in
theaters this April:

Learn about new scientific evidence that invalidates
Darwin's claims.

Well, there is no new old or other evidence that invalidates evolutionary theory. Yes, specific claims of Darwin are obsolete. Of course science, unlike religion, changes over time as new information comes to light. Creationism/intelligent design are the same interpretation of the book of genesis.

Hear from scientists who are being SILENCED for those

Not for failing to publish papers or obtain significant grant support. Of course not, its all a big conspiracy. Woooooo (scary sound ghost)

Learn how to DEFEND BELIEF in God based on SCIENTIFIC

And there it is. This is all about forcing a specific christian belief on the rest of us. This is not about science. Of course, if by god they mean Vishnu, I might have to rethink my concerns. Regardless, evolution only disproves a christian god, if you are so closed minded as to buy into a literal interpretation of genesis. This is the same bullshit used to conclude the earth is flat and that the sun revolves around the earth. Scientific thought changes as new information comes to light, religion it stays the same. The problem most atheists have with religion is that religion constantly oversteps its boundaries. I know of no established religion that explains how the universe works that fits the evidence. So, either the evidence is wrong (and much of the things we generally depend on like cell phones and medicine is really done by invisible elves) or the religion is wrong. There are many christians who adapt their worldview to fit the evidence, one good example is Ken Miller. These are the kinds of people I like to hang out with.

Learn what can and cannot be taught in schools and how
that is CHANGING

Homeschools dont count. Regardless, if these assholes get their way, they will legislate what is scientific theory. If you don't have evidence or data, get politicians to force it into schools.

See a SNEAK PEEK of exclusive video clips from the
upcoming movie.


In this film, author, former presidential
speechwriter, economist, lawyer
and actor Ben Stein exposes the frightening "atheist
agenda." The film also
reveals how teachers, students and scientists are
being "expelled" and
persecuted for questioning Darwinism despite the
mounting evidence that
debunks Darwinism and shows proof of a Designer
("God") in the universe!
This highly controversial documentary is receiving
major media buzz
(including the front page of the New York Times). In
the movie, Stein
travels the world, asking top scientific minds whether
Darwinism is still a
theory" or if it's become a "law" which no one is
allowed to question.


The second leg of the EXPELLED Nationwide Tour wrapped
up in late January.
The EXPELLED team traveled from Texas to Miami before
heading north to the
nation's capitol. The guys in the big, red EXPELLED
bus met some amazing
people along the way, including EXPELLED star Ben
Stein himself. Ben
attended a screening in Orlando for about 3,000 Young
Life leaders. He was
incredibly gracious and stayed to sign autographs for
everyone in line.
Following a screening at the Heritage Foundation in
Washington, the EXPELLED
crew passed out information on the film at the March
for Life, which drew
over 30,000 people. The tour continues with stops in
Georgia before heading
back to Florida and Texas. Tour details at:
www.GetEXPELLED. com/tourblog

SHOUT OUT and let your voice be heard! Tell us about
your own Expelled
experience and possibly win the chance to be in the
movie! Click here for
more info.


Paul G. Humber, Director
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I am not intolerant of christians per say, but I sure would appreciate it if those of you more rational christians would speak out against these people. The discovery institute, Ben Stein, Pat Robertson etc. these are your representatives. If you don't like it, get more vocal.


Anonymous said...

Damn straight. I love how their evidence as far as anyone knows, is an argument that hitler (yay argumentum ad nazium) was really into that whole Darwin thing.

So as usual it's ignoring the fact that we don't judge truth by whether it makes us happy and fuzzy inside, or makes us feel bad.

total fucktards.

Anonymous said...

Intelligent design plays to our vanity and egotistical nature. We (human beings) always feel the need to order everything and be able to "understand" the why's and how's. However most of society doesn't have enough biology knowledge and understanding and doesn't want to--to be able to understand natural selection and evolution. Instead to feed their need to understand they turn toward a theory that doesn't need any basis in fact and follows doctrine that they have become familiar with through religion and hence become "supporters" of ID and skeptics of evolution.

I think that what we all need to remember is that changing the minds of the masses of "fucktards" is futile. We as scientists can do our best to communicate with them but should focus our efforts on the places where public policy is made. It is far easier to change the minds of one committee or a committee chair person (school board/congress/etc) than the minds of millions of idiots. But we have to be motivated to show up to hearings to do so…

The Lorax said...

cat and shaker - Amen!

I fully agree that we have lost the battle for the minds of those indoctrinated adults. However, I think there is a fair number of adults that are not indoctrinated who can understand the evidence (and lies of the creationists). We need to reach these people so that our school boards do not develop like the clusterfuck in Florida, so our politicians will not feel the need to cowtow to the religious right, so that we can have a rational discourse in this country again. Now people like me are not the ones to do it necessarily, my philosophy tends to approach the "Ill be less mean, if you'll be less stupid." However, people like Ken Miller and E.O. Wilson (or the late Carl Sagan) can do that job.

Anonymous said...

If I may interject... First, if you want to make an argument against creationists that is fine. However, try to refrain from attacking the people who are making the arguments. Instead attack the argument that they propose.

Secondly, people are going to have differenting opinions other than your own. Accept this fact. Move on. You do not have to accept everyone's opinion. You need only tolerate them.

Third, if you so desperately wish to change the opinions of the masses. Don't insult them. See the first point. It does not help your case when you blatently insult the person you are trying to persuade. While it is easy to get defensive about religion it is still important to keep your cool. Even if the person you are arguing about doesn't. Diplomatic negotiations tend to work better than slinging insults back and forth.

What we have learned: (hopefully)
1. Attack arguments not people.
2a. People have different opinions.
2b. Deal with it.
3. When trying to persuade, be cordial it works better than mud slinging.

I hope that my comments have been insightful and interesting.

Signed K

Anonymous said...

How sad that the neo-atheist has become as intolerant and angry as the religionists they claim to oppose.I cannot listen to your reasoning when you present none, and I will not listen to your hatred anymore than I will listen to the hatred of some Bible thumping evangelist. I put you both in the same class.