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Our big field-specific meeting is only 2 more weeks away, and while I try to get a paper our the door, I need to put a poster together. This is a bit concerning as the poster is on a fairly new area of research for me. I end up wondering if I might be missing an important bit of information that everyone in this area knows and will look like in idiot. Doubtful, but possible. I am still a little bitter no one from my group is giving an oral presentation, but that was out of my immediate control. One good outcome is that I am giving a talk on this shortly after the meeting, so I will already have a bunch of pretty slides made.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh, Lorax. I'm suprised that you haven't let the oral presentation thing go yet. Stewing about it doesn't help and everyone knows that the oral presentations are picked based on what sounds "cool" to the session chair and are often not the "best" or "most interesting" research at the conference. The best and most interesting are almost always buried in the posters. It's too bad, but pretty much always the way it goes at conferences. I'm suprised that you're still upset about this when all of this is a pretty well known fact. It will still be a good meeting. Don't worry.