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New T-shirt

I was hoping to get a picture of my new T-shirt (a gift from a like minded individual who I will allow to remain anonymous). Sadly, I didn't. I did wear it today proudly as promised. From the public I encountered, I heard 4 positive responses and 0 negative responses, which surprised me. Anyway, below is the shirt and I recommend buying one for all your friends.

By the way, I think many people may be concerned that the T-shirt is insulting. However, I have thought about it and in fact I can not come up with an offensive message from the shirt, unless you believe it nullifies Jesus's accomplishments as a scientist. Enjoy!


SnapperGas said...


Can't wait for the Pic!

"Who turned off the shaker?" said...

I love a sarcastic and/or satirical T-shirt as much as anyone... However while I don't DISlike this one, I'm not entirly sure WHY it's funny. I guess I need my comedy to be spelled out for me.

SnapperGas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SnapperGas said...

Does this help?


"Who turned off the shaker?" said...

Now that "photo" would make an EXCELLENT t-shirt, Snapper!!

The Ranting Student said...

Damn, I need this shirt design. :)

The Lorax said...

Alright, likely bringing it out in public tomorrow...we'll see how it flies.