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Why to we go to war? Hopefully there is a rational and moral reason for it.

and while we, as a people, may debate whether the sacrifices that come with war are a price worth paying, I think at the end of the day the consensus at least agrees there is a rational for going to war.

Regardless of whether you believe the reasons are right, there are sacrifices. Sadly, for the last seven years we have been at war (I would argue for the right reasons) without being asked to sacrifice anything other than our soldiers and our soldiers families. Even worse, for the last five years we have been at war (I would argue for all the wrong reasons) without being asked to sacrifice anything other than our soldiers and our soldiers families and "our" ability to successfully complete the first war.

The bodies returning home to be buried or irreparably damaged are true sacrifices we can see and relate to. There are more long term sacrifices being made that we essentially never consider.

So is the invasion of Iraq for no other rational than Saddam was a bad guy (no argument) and the neocons desperately wanted it worth this? In 20 years, are we going to be able to sleep peacefully with the rationales we give this and many other children for why their lives were fundamentally disrupted? Maybe if our forces were committed to destroying those responsible for 9/11, I could sleep ok. It sucks but I expect in 20 years these children could understand that their sacrifice (because that is what it is and they do not have a choice) was worth it. But Iraq? I very much doubt that most of these children will understand and agree with the sacrifices that were made and I wouldn't be surprised if many in that generation gives us a big

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Anonymous said...

My grandfather served in the army during World War 2. He was actually involved in some of the major battles in Europe (D day being the most horrible according to him.)

He would agree with everything that you have to say in this post. I know because he's expressed the same sentiments to me himself.

When the US invaded Iraq he cried. He was so frustrated that the government would care so little about the lives that would be affected by that choice.

He said that while it didn't make it easier at the time, the only thing that kept him sane was knowing that all of the friends that he watched get killed were really and truly dying for a reason—and he could explain that to his children.

He's a very mellow guy, but the Iraq war is one topic that gets him really upset.