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No Longer Proud

WTF Maine?!?!

Do you not remember this?
Have you not heard about hospitals refusing to allow same sex partners or their children to visit patients as they are dying?

Well good for you Maine.
You have protected the institution of marriage!

Remind me from what?
Is your divorce rate magically going down now to pre-May 2009 levels?
Less domestic abuse occurring?
Adultery, which never occurred before last May will now stop?

Or maybe your just keeping the good word of your god?
Banning marriage is one thing, but it shouldn't stop the divine retribution you might be concerned about.
So I expect the death penalty is back on the table?
Off to ban lobster fishing next I expect?

Any rationale reason why equality is a bad thing? I know many people (men) have the "eww" factor when they think of gay men kissing, so what many people (men) have an "eww" factor when they think of menstruation. Maybe reproductively mature women should lose their rights too.

Until I get a rationale reason to explain these results, Ill go on the assumption that Maine is populated with a majority of ignorant bigots. And despite the fact that I have a few dear friends and relatives in Maine, Im still sending a big FUCK YOU back home.

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"Who turned off the shaker?" said...

It sure does suck when your home state does something stupid like this. Mine did too a while back and I was equally angry and ashamed.