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Theocratic instruction by legislation

Well apparently evolution has a new friend. Kentucky is currently dealing with a bit of "teach the controversy" legislation. Usually this is focused specifically on evolution, but now global warming is thrown in as well. Similar legislative assaults are also under way in South Dakota, have been won in Oklahoma, and lost in Texas and Louisiana. How soon before Minnesota gets one? or even your state?

This is probably a smart strategy (if you're evil that is), by wrapping evolution and global warming together you can get more public support all those who hate evolution but are ok with global warming + all those who are ok with evolution but hate global warming = a bigger group of morons who think sound bites and gut thinking is as valid as 1000s of hours of study research and work/scientist.

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"Who turned off the shaker?" said...

I just used a summary of your explanation of how science is not engineering to set someone straight just now. I really liked the way you worded your argument as it put into words feelings that I had but wasn't able to accurately explain.