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Blogging with substance - the AbC edition

 Lab Rat tagged me with the "blogging with substance" meme, which I think constitutes a tagging FAIL since I would hesitate to use the term substance as a descriptor for many of my posts. Nonetheless, when one of the collective tags you, it is considered poor taste not to play.
So the meme has 2 requirements:

1. Sum up your blogging motivation, philosophy and experience in exactly 10 words.
Sharing opinions, Learning something, Teaching, Sparing my family said opinions.

There. That took care of the motivation aspect. Experience: still gaining it. Philosophy: I think therefore I am.

2. Pass it on to 10 other blogs with substance.
OK, this is the easy one.

A. Dispatches from the Culture Wars Get your law, rational politics, and biology all in one. No Really Get It NOW!!!
B. Evolving Thoughts A great resource for biological philosophy  (and he has the best freaking named blog)
C. The Renaissance Mathematicus History, Biology, Philosophy all in one...not necessarily concomitant
D. Sandwalk Warning: Curmudeoningly Evolutionary Biologist
E. Adventures in Ethics and Science Ethics with a side of biology
F. Why Evolution Is True because selling books isn't enough
G. C6-H12-O6 Ignoring superscripts, a great member of the collective 
H. Epiphenom The science of religion....what's not to like!?!
I. Study Abroad in Venezuela A shout out to a new student blog 
J. Small Things Considered Read this! You will learn something

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