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Republican Leaders Conspire to Commit Murder

This is reactionary I admit it. Not all the facts are known, but sometimes we can make educated guesses.

US Representative from Arizona Gabrielle Giffords was shot at a "Town Hall" meeting today. She will likely survive, although what surviving being shot in the head means is up in the air at the moment. A US federal judge John Roll, a young boy were not so fortunate, and numerous others did not survive. Of course there will be much hand wringing and appeals to let the facts play out, I agree, but here are some facts to get you started:

Fact #1: Gabrielle Giffords is a registered democrat. She also supports health care.

Fact #2:
One down Sarah, 19 to go. Oh by the way Palin had this say on Facebook "My sincere condolences are offered to the family of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the other victims of today's tragic shooting in Arizona.    On behalf of Todd and my family, we all pray for the victims and their families, and for peace and justice." Great when you're done praying, do you think you could stop with the vitriol and maybe deal with political issues in a civilized way? No? Oh, then FUCK YOU!

Fact #3

Thanks Sharron Angle for suggesting this as an approach for Americans to take. What? She didn't advocate this merely pointed out it might happen? I wonder what she met when she quoted Jefferson then "In fact, Thomas Jefferson said it's good for a country to have a revolution every 20 years."

Fact #4

Michele Bachmann, a voice of Christian virtue, helps promote the "Real American"  meme, which makes others what exactly? Oh and please lets have a helping of inquisitions investigations into those awful democrats.

Fact #5
Socialist, Fascist, Communist, Elite, the list goes on.

I hold the republican party as a whole (I haven't heard many republican voices arguing to tone down the rhetoric) ultimately responsible for this attack. They have been stirring the fires of discontent for over a decade. Dancing merrily around, fanning the fires of hatred. Wrapping themselves in the flag and religion, pushing and pushing and pushing. Well, when one of your vile progeny grows into an evil caricature of a human being and unloads an oversized clip into "the others," I expect you'll be all anguishing and whinny about the need for civility. You should celebrate, your seeds are sprouting into the little blossoms of death you've long been cultivating.

UPDATE: How fucking soon before a republican asshole blames Gifford for the shooting because of her support for healthcare?

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Lippard said...

A few more facts, some of which don't square so easily with the attempt to brand him as inspired by Republicans:

The Lorax said...

Don't see the connection Jim.

Mentally off? Maybe, probably.
Thought a bunch of fucked up things? Definitely.

So you conclude that he was not inspired by the the never stream of right wing rhetoric of hatred?

I think your conclusion is weak.

When a whack job shoots up an abortion clinic and it turns out they had mental problems and thought the government had a UFO in Area 51, it is still on the church leaders constantly referring to abortion as murder and saving babies that share the blame. (I mean you don't see these same whackos shooting up a used sports equipment store.)

Clem said...

BTW, the Sarah Palin poster you put in your piece... it already notes that three members of the list are retiring... "17 more to go!" it says. Wouldn't it be refreshing then if you could hold your breath long enough to suggest 4 down and 16 to go?? But wait, as of this writing Gabrielle is still among the living. Perhaps a lot to hope for - but she could resume her post.

But what I really wanted to suggest is that regardless of the right wing hyperbole, this is a horrible thing. What I'm trying to figure is how your rant is going to help?

As for "the same" whackos shooting up used sports equipment stores...

Nope... its a different set of whackos who shoot up McDonalds restaurants, Columbine highschool, and other venues.

The Lorax said...

I don't understand your response Clem. You'll note I began "This is reactionary I admit it" You did see that right?

Did I suggest my rant would help? Is that my goal? What's your goal? Personally, I think it can help because some people look at every little item in isolation, but when brought together it means something more. I think it can help because words matter, but the right wing (and Ill assume you're among them based on your attempts at defense) likes to say the worst possible things and suggest the worst possible things, and then say, I can't believe this happened I think Im getting the vapors.

Also I did not suggest that every shooting is due to the right wing (but I love how you missed the point). Im sure that you are aware that I didnt make that point, but then throw out a high school massacre by high school kids as comparable to a political massacre (you realize people died right?). Actually there are comparisons, a couple of probably mentally distressed verbally tormented teenagers go off and commit murder. Hmm, words matter. Im not blaming the victims, just pointing out that words matter. Right wing talking heads talk smack all the fucking time, something is bound to happen.

For the record, we have been building toward this. Gifford was the target of violent attacks previously (though not on her person). Having an Obama sticker on your car justifies ramming you off the road. Work for the census in Kentucky, you might get strung up. But none of that matters and Rush Beck etal should be praised with their 'take the country back' talking points. Let's bury our heads in the sand and simply feel bad for the families of the dead as the bodies pile up.

Montgomery Flange said...

"Right wing talking heads talk smack all the fucking time, something is bound to happen."

That's paranoid.

"Work for the census in Kentucky, you might get strung up."

That was a suicide. You seem out of touch with reality.

"Let's bury our heads in the sand and simply feel bad for the families of the dead as the bodies pile up."

Bodies aren't "piling up" because of right wing rhetoric.

Your rant is hateful and inflammatory. Try practicing what you preach. Please, get seek medical attention for your mental health, before you end up like Loughner.

The Lorax said...

@M. Flange Thanks for correcting me on the census worker. I had missed the final report on the investigation of the kentucky census worker. I retract that statement.

Montgomery Flange said...

Would it be fair to say Asa Seeley and Robert Pickett were influenced by the left's heated criticisms of George Bush?

The Lorax said...

What point are you trying to make MF?

Is it that heated criticism is the same as not so veiled threats of taking violent action (2nd amendment solutions)?
or is it that you see both sides to be doing it so that makes it ok or at least not worth railing against?

I wonder why you posted here again and did not go off dispensing your pearls of medical advice to others.