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Woman who caused Earthquake interviewed tomorrow

Jen McCreight of Blaghag fame will be on Atheist Talk tomorrow (Sunday) March 13th 9AM Central on AM 950. McCreight became more infamous by starting Boobquake. When an Islamic cleric blames earthquakes on women wearing immodest clothing (he should have seen the French Canadian on the Maine beaches in the late 70s!), the Jen McCreights of the world test the hypothesis. Of course a 6.5 magnitude earthquake did occur concomitant with boobquake, so call in and ask her to defend her actions against humanity.

Also, the discussion will address the following: 

"Why are women more religious than men when most
religions are so anti-woman? Jen McCreight will address this paradox,
make the case for why it’s time for women to leave religion, and
discuss why skepticism and atheism are empowering for women. "

You can live stream the show, simply enter a Minnesota zip code, like 55455.


Mike Haubrich said...

Thanks for bringing this up, Lorax.

The Lorax said...

My pleasure, thanks for the show!