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Fair questions?

Sure he does.
You know, I realize that in order to be nominated for a major elected office in this country you need to actively wrap yourself in the blanket of christianity. But there are differing degrees in which a candidate can do this. For example, a candidate could simply use the word 'faith' along with family, parents, children, work, education when talking about what is important to them. Or a candidate could tell you that during discussions with god almighty, they were informed that they were anointed to be the winner of the election. Many of the republican candidates for president of the US have taken the latter approach (Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, and even Herman Cain). Since these candidates are in direct communication with one of the numerous gods worshiped in this country, I think the following questions are completely fair game.

1. If god tells you to nuke a foreign country that attacked us or our interests, would you do it?

2. If god tells you to nuke a foreign country that hasn't done anything to us or our interests, would you do it?

3. If god told you to nuke a US city because it was time to pull another Sodom for the history books, would you do it?

4. If god told you to imprison US citizens because they loved the same sex would you do it? If so, would you also imprison all the fishermen/women? What if god told you to do that too?

5. If the vast vast vast majority of experts in a particular field told you something that contradicted your beliefs, how would you reach a decision? If you discounted the vast vast vast majority of experts, how would you justify your decision to the general citizenry?

Personally, I think that hearing voices in your head telling you to do things should absolve you from government office. Just for the record, here are some other people that were absolutely convinced god spoke to them and they were doing gods work.

By what criteria do we say that these three men were delusional, psychotic, and/or sociopathic, but separate out the republican candidates? Obviously, the consequences/actions of following these three men is a great criteria (see below).

While I do not doubt that the republican candidates are relatively sane compared to these psychos, Im not comfortable wondering what kind of bat shit crazy consequences/actions the majority of republican candidates may decide to carry out. What shocks me most is that many others don't seem to worry about it.

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