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Save the Date: Lying to Children in the Name of God Poster Session

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In a month (February 18-19), the annual Home School Science Fair is taking place at the Har Mar Mall in Roseville. I will of course be attending this year and will report to those of you who cannot make it.

Remember these students will be primed to go, they are told to:
1. Know your material.
2. Be confident.
3. Communicate well.
4. Be thorough.
5. Pray your exhibit will witness to non-Christian visitors.

So you know there should be some quality science taking place.

Just to be clear, the Home School Science Fair is brought to you by the Twin Cities Creation Science Association 
TCCSA (emphasis mine). The TCCSA science fair motto:
Unlike Some Science Fair Sites
We Are For Real!
Unlike Many Secular Educators
We Teach The Scientific Method!  (emphasis theirs)

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