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It's time to read The Origin of Species....again

I kind of lost the energy to keep up with my Origin of Species (OoS) book club, but I'm restarting it. In part this is to renew my writing here at AbC, but mostly it is to finish reading the OoS. So I have skimmed over chapters 1 through 3 and gone over my notes.

Thoughts on the Prologue.
Thoughts on Chapter 1.
Thoughts on Chapter 2.
Thoughts on Chapter 3.

Now I am rereading Chapter 4 and getting ready to teach incoming College of Biological Sciences undergraduates for 2.5 weeks. Now's you chance to catch up and start. Because I am getting a manuscript to colleagues and teaching a shit ton (by number not weight) next week, the next OoS post will not occur before next weekend. You have time to catch up.

This is the OoS I am reading (it's the 6th edition and it does matter, at least somewhat)

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