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New blog time

For the couple of people that may (or may not) follow this blog, I have a question.

I enjoy writing about science and education and other somewhat neutral yet important (and interesting IMHO) topics. However, I also enjoy blogging about politics and religion (how generally lame it is) and other more social/personal issues. While real life has greatly hampered my ability to write consistently (too fucking busy), I am dedicated to writing more....starting next week.

However, I am concerned about message. I do not want the interesting and important science to be diluted (to some potential readers) by the fact that I am an opinionated bastard. So, I have been considering starting a new blog that would contain the science- and education-oriented posts and maintaining this one until no one IWOTI. So my request to those visitors over the next week....

Is it worth separating the two? You must agree to have read at least one post of each type before deciding.

If it is worth separating the two, you have to suggest a totally awesome name for the new blog.

Penultimately, while I understand some reasons for separating the two types of posts (when possible), I will link to and maintain my association to both blogs (if this happens) because Im not a complete wuss.

Finally, thanks