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Happy Birthday AbC!!

Angry by Choice first came online 5 years ago today. After two years of going solo, AbC joined the FoS collective. The number of hits has been creeping up since that time and for the first time broke 10,000 hits in a month. I know I know it's probably what Jerry Coyne gets in an hour, but it represents a milestone for AbC.

AbC hit another milestone last month: 100,000 total views (or as others will point out, what PZ Myers gets a day). AbC actually hit 100,000 earlier but I lost all the data from the pre-FoS days.

During the beat-down of a creationist AbC busted into the top 200 sciences sites on Technorati (How 2008 is that?). A post was also featured in a recent CoE, so that's all good.

Anyway, Happy Birthday AbC and thank you readers. Have some cake and enjoy a party tune.

BTW With music like this during my formative years, is it any wonder I'm so screwed up.

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