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Pluses and minuses

Just a brief note to highlight that the day PBS airs the Nova episode Judgement Day, Bush vetoes the bill funding the NIH. I have not yet watched Judgement Day, its taped, everything I've heard makes it sound like it is a great documentary summarizing the trial. I'll post something once I've watched the whole thing. Conversely, our president, his holiness, has in his infinite wisdom decided to veto bill H.R.3043 stating that Congress was "acting like a teenager with a new credit card". What a fucktwit. Sure, let's start 2 (maybe 3 wars soon), cut taxes, and throw the bill at our children and grandchildren and then engage in name calling like a high school quarterback berating the smart kids. I got news for you commander and chief, a cheerleader is not a quarterback.

You know it is becoming clearer to me that there is not a war on religion (we'll hear much of this during the coming season) but a war on education, intelligence, rationalism, and critical thinking. Maybe this shouldn't be surprising, if you want to maintain personal power and you are wrong, it helps if the people don't know any better.

And by the way, I am not a staunch defender of the weak ass democrats leading Congress. They still refuse to take the president to task for his abuses and deriliction of duty. Of course, one has to wonder if this is in part because they believe they'll have the white house next and then his power will be theirs?

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