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Dear Senator Obama,

Thank you for all your hard work through both the general election and previously through the democratic primary. I find myself well in line with the democratic party and I strongly support you and your nomination for president of the United States of America. I cannot begin to fathom the personal sacrifices you have made for myself and other American citizens in your attempt to serve as the potential president of the United States of America.

Without question I am a supporter of Barak Obama and his platform for presidency. I am a scientist, an atheist, and most importantly a devoted family man (as I believe you are sir). My son turned 6 on October 22nd, at the next election my son will be 10 years old. My son has just entered kindergarten and has begun to learn to read on his own! (I have been reading to him since he was born, including times when I was away for meetings or NIH study sections, so obviously this gives me profound joy and I will note that he has heard all the Harry Potter books (albeit with verbal editing.)) In the next 4 years, my son will mature under different circumstances than I did. Speaking to a father, I realize a 10 year old will not represent the end product of adulthood. His ideas, and ideologies, may change profoundly. He may find himself a Republican as an adult. The only thing I wish to bestow upon my son (and your daughters Senator Obama) is a sense of rationality to allow him (and yours) to prosper and thrive in whatever future society we have. I know there are some who believe the world will end either physically or spiritually in the near future. These are NOT the people I want "leading" the nation. I want what you, Senator Obama, appear to represent. I want someone who embraces the future, no matter what the short term problems are. I am happy to cancel cable, my parking space, and internet for my son's future. I would rather have the benefits my parents and grandparents knew, but our political predecessors have taken that token off the playing field. Senator Obama, please help give my son a future that has a dependable energy source, does not treat "others" as other, that respects different viewpoints, and that can except victory and defeat with an equal measure of maturity necessary for a country to thrive in the 21st century. I believe that YOU can help set the tone and policies to take us, and more importantly my son and your daughters, into the 21st century. I donated what I could financially and I will advocate as I am able. If you need a science advisor let me know, although I expect you have that covered.

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Anonymous said...

A very thoughtful letter: well done.

I'll add my 2 cents: I'd just like to be proud of the American president again. I'd like to not have to apologize for my country when I'm in a different country. I'd like to actually have a reason to NOT be cynical for once. I'd also like for the US to for real, alleviate the suffereing here and elsewhere.

I'd like the change to be hope for the next generation instead of fear.