Field of Science

Come celebrate Darwin's Birthday

LIFE: A Journey Through Time
North American Premiere /Darwin Day Opening Event
Thursday, February 12, 2009, 7 to 9 p.m.
Bell Museum Auditorium
$10/ free to museum members and University students

Celebrate the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birthday with a special preview of LIFE: A Journey Through Time. The event will feature top University biologists using Lanting's photographs as a springboard to deliver a rapid-fire presentations relating their research on evolution to the images. From the big bang to the human genome, hear the newest theories on how life evolved and enjoy the North American premiere of one the world's most celebrated photography exhibits. Think speed-dating - Darwin-style!

Speakers include:
Mark Borrello <---- Teaches on the history of evolution, and is an anti-creationist superhero
Sehoya Cotner <---- Teaches about Sex and evolution, dont tell the Georgia state legislature
Mark Decker <---- Teaches, Writes, Teaches, Skydives, oh and strives to improve Teaching (Plus he doesn't snarf your scotch when you are off teaching.)
Greg Laden <---- Not sure about this guy, does something or other someplace
Keith Olive <---- A physicist! Clearly, a late addition to make the biologists feel inadequate...or maybe I'm transferring.

BTW its a birthday party. There will be cake!


Anonymous said...

Hell to the yeah! I'll be there!

The Lorax said...

May need to hear your thoughts, not looking good for me ATM.