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Why we need healthcare reform

Not much brings out the hate like the healthcare debate in the US. The first thing we need to establish is whether we actually need healthcare reform or everything is hunky dory. As a first step I recommend the following.


"Who turned off the shaker?" said...

We need healthcare reform NOW because my mom's (and, many other people's mom's too most likely) runs out of Cobra insurance next month and has been declined coverage by every insurance company in existence because of preexisting conditions. If it gets to the point where she can't pay for her heart medication she will die. I hope the shareholders in those companies are happy.

But I do understand that until enough people have to watch their parents (or children or other loved ones) suffer as a direct result of health insurance immorality there will be no change and I'll still have to listen to the ignorant people yelling about not "wrecking" a "good system."

I was angry about the whole issue before it affected me directly. Now that it does, I don't have the vocabulary to describe how I feel.

"Who turned off the shaker?" said...

Oh yeah, and on a less "Debbie Downer" note, I really enjoyed the New Scientist presentation about healthcare. If only people in this country understood logical reasoning we'd all be set!