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Vote for reason, that's your reason to vote

November 2nd tomorrow, Election Day. What are you doing? Are you blowing it off because the choices come down Republicans...ah, the golden days of 2008 when republicans were lying their way through 2 wars, the economy was crashing, the ultra-rich were gathering up a greater and greater % of all the wealth...and Democrats, the party of push-overs and dare I say accommodationists that don't want to turn away voters who wouldn't vote for them anyway.

I admit it seems a crapshoot. Not happy with Dems, so vote in Reps? The problem is that the Reps. bring primarily fear, hatred, and blind worship of ignorance. So, Im voting for Dems, but if the Reps actually presented a package that wasnt bat-shit crazy, I would give them the nod. But the Reps. don't appear to think that intelligence and thought are worthwhile activities. Reps. have a 15th century understanding of the world they live in and they like it, worse they call others elitist for actually knowing something more recent than Newton. Yep, that's the mentality I want in office. I'ld rather have the milquetoast party.

If we keep swapping crap for crap (albeit some crap stinks worse than other crap), it will never improve. So let's give a party a reason to stop giving us crap as a choice. If your Ford sucks, you may buy a Toyota, which also sucks but gets better gas mileage, you don't then buy another crappy Ford. Make Ford improve by buying another Toyota, at least you get the gas mileage. When Ford improves its product, Toyota better follow suit or its screwed.

FWIW. I will not vote for any person that has the idea that intelligent design represents a valid scientific theory. It means two things, 1. the candidate doesn't know jack about science (not a deal breaker for me, since there are many things I don't know); 2. the candidate is being advised by, and put their trust in, a bunch of fucking morons (and that is a deal-breaker).

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