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Its the End of the World as We Know It....

...and I feel fine.

So the rapture is tomorrow, it little less than 24 hours from now. On campus a few days ago believers were handing out flyers to save our souls. I didnt want one, but had one thrust into my midsection as I was walking by. Normally, I just try to go my merry way, but since I was actually interfered with my dander was up.

The young man who decided I absolutely must have this pamphlet had already moved on to force pamphlets onto unsuspecting students. I stood there and looked at the pamphlet and then called to the young man.

"Do you actually believe this stuff?" I asked.

"Of course I do" he replied emphatically.

"OK, tell you what, can you get the title to your car and sign it over to me? You have to date it, so just date it for the 22nd, since you won't be needing it anymore."

Several students had slowed down to follow the exchange.

"What?" he stammered.

"Look, if you're being raptured on the 21st, you won't need your car anymore. So why don't you sign it over to me starting on the 22nd? You've already stated that this is after the time when you will no longer be on planet Earth. It would help me out, which will likely look good for you with god. Plus, it will avoid issues of ownership for those of us left behind." 

I could hear some students appreciating this explanation.
"Oh, well I don't have a car." He almost begged.

"OK, I get it. Well tell you what, why don't you ask your parents or church leaders or whoever convinced you to stand here handing out pamphlets the same thing I asked you. See how strong their beliefs are when something tangible is on the line, like ownership of their primary transportation." I replied as I turned to walk away.

The sad thing  about all this is that actual real people are going to be hurt. The gullible parting with their retirements to help spread the good word about the end of the world. Some might think those hurt by these people deserve it, 'a fool and her money' and all that. But I don't. We prosecute con artists and frauds usually, but I guess if your con is based on religion you get a pass. 

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Karen said...

We prosecute con artists and frauds usually, but I guess if your con is based on religion you get a pass.

And a sad, sad thing it is, too. I'd like to see Camping divested of all those donations and have them sent back to the people, fools though they were, who made them. They may not deserve a second chance, but I'd give them one anyway. As for Camping... there are various uncharitable things I'd like to do to him.