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We Have a Winner

My favorite 'philosophy of science' blog Evolving Thoughts had a contest last month. Well it was more of a raffle than a contest. Regardless, the prize was a signed copy of Dr. Wilkins book Species: A History of an Idea. (Since the prize still exists, should the previous sentence be in the present tense?) The results of the raffle are in.....and I'm a winner! Well, I'm a winner anyway, but I also will be the recipient of the aforementioned scholarly work.

So is the point of this post just to gloat?
No. The point of this post is not just to gloat, although that certainly is one of the points.
It's also to introduce to the Evolving Thoughts, which has a plethora of outstanding posts on biology, philosophy, and assorted topics. If you have some time to invest, I highly recommend some of the beefier posts found under the 'Ideas' tab.
It's also to share my excitement on having a text on the species concept. Right now the best book I have dealing, at least partially, with the topic is Ernst Mayr's The Growth of Biological Thought. I think the species concept has too much historical baggage and am not convinced that it is particularly useful in modern biology.

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