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Congress does its job

In a wake of numerous scandals, having had the rule of law discarded and ignored, and overt falsifying data and lying to the general public, the Congress of the United States is taking action! How long has the Congress sat by like a bunch of emasculated old men letting Bush-Cheney run roughshod over the Constitution and our basic civil liberities. Yes, that's right the Senate Judiciary is asking questions about destroyed video tapes from the CIA torture of prisoners New England Patriots on other football teams. Yes indeed the priorities of the country are intact and maintaining a sense of complete fuckedness. Ild like to write something about science or some other topic I think is important, but I really need to go find out if Britney stuck a pencil up her nose or did any other asinine things, since that's what we really care about.

Ill post more when Ive decided I give a shit again.


Anonymous said...

I do not disagree that there are MANY exponentially more important things for the congress to worry about than professional sports, (like the fact that we've ignored the situation in Sudan for so long that it's now spilled over into Chad--but Chad has oil so I except that we'll be over there in a jiffy--but I digress) but since we’re on the topic this latest accusation against the Patriots just proves my point that the media knows nothing. The media (through the AP) voted the Patriots coach--Coach of the year. Coach of the year my ass.

Anonymous said...

That was supposed to say, "so I expect" not so I except...sorry

lytefoot said...

I feel your pain. Professional sports is a useless drain on the public coffers and the public consciousness. It distracts attention from important matters, and drains funding from necessary programs.

I'm not JUST saying this because my city raised sales tax--SALES TAX--a city with one of the largest urban poor populations in the country raised SALES TAX--to build a baseball stadium that's barely structurally sound, for a team whose profits increase every year, that's located in the worst possible place as far as bringing revenue into the city--they didn't want it placed anywhere that people coming to sporting events might have to, you know, enter the city or something. At the same time as they've gutted the department of public works to the point that it takes 24 hours to get the streets plowed and that's DOWN from earlier in the winter. That's not the ONLY reason, I promise. Bah.

Bread and circuses for everyone! Except not the bread, that would be socialist.

Anonymous said...

God I hate professional sports.

Seriously, how come we idolize people who contribute NOTHING to us?

Where are the million dollar contracts for teachers? Where is the media attention for the people who actually WORK for a living?

I sometimes feel weirded out when I go by a large religious gathering, because i get a strong sense of 'not one of the group'. but when the superbowl is on, I get scared to even mention that I don't watch sports.

I've watched people I don't know, get really pissed at me if I mention it, like I'm attacking them or something.

Truly i sometimes feel like i have a sign that says "UNMUTUAL"