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How to make burkhas more popular

Hey buddy, Had enough of your woman walking around where all those other guys who actually respect women, are smarter than, and better looking than you? Well, there's always the burkha, instant female social invisibility! Once you get her, the chance she'll be able to find someone better is severely limited. But how to get her to wear it? Move to Minnesota! Current outdoor temps of -20°F (without wind chill) basically guarantees she'll only go out wearing a burkha-like wardrobe!

On a positive note, tomorrow will be 40 degrees warmer than the last three. 40 freaking degrees!!! yep, raising it to a balmy 20!

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SnapperGas said...

Although the whole idea of the burkha or the chadri is completely retarded and sad, your concept is quite practical for Minnesota living. . . especially if you could get one with WINDSTOPPER fabric!

Anonymous said...

Windpants-material burkhas.

I could get behind that.

Who's going without a jacket now that it's 20F outside this weekend?

*raises hand*

The Lorax said...

Im just going to be happy my eyes dont freeze shut anymore.

The Lorax said...

oh and I need to rake my roof before the thaw on Monday (and playoffs on Sunday)