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Your American civics acumen in 33 questions

This is kind of fun....

Civics Quiz

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Answers to Your Missed Questions:

Question #31 - A. an increase in a nation’s productivity
Question #33 - D. tax per person equals government spending per person

31) International trade and specialization most often lead to which of the following?
A. an increase in a nation’s productivity
My choice B. a decrease in a nation’s economic growth in the long term
C. an increase in a nation’s import tariffs
D. a decrease in a nation’s standard of living

I could take this test again and I would still get this wrong. Well I wouldn't now, but my thoughts (incorrect based on the answer) led me to answer B and would again. Clearly, I need to obtain more education in economics.

33) If taxes equal government spending, then:
My choice A. government debt is zero
B. printing money no longer causes inflation
C. government is not helping anybody
D. tax per person equals government spending per person
E. tax loopholes and special-interest spending are absent

This one was a case of identifying an answer that looked good and not reading any others carefully. If I thought about the answers I would have answered this one correctly, trust me.

More fun, check out the website to see how people do based on a variety of criteria. I particularly like that those who identify as being in politics do worse than the general public.

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Anonymous said...

83% here. Not bad- a "B".

The Lorax said...

My score is "artificially" inflated somewhat by my reading The Federalist, which addressed some of the questions specifically and the economic crisis being in the news non-stop providing one or two additional answers. The joys of continued learning.