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Another thing not getting done soon

Cleaned and organized 5 bookshelves this weekend and set aside those books I either still need to read or finish reading. I put them in a pile, which became two piles. Sigh.

The odd thing is I will still be buying books this year regardless of how quickly I move through this pile. Indeed the third and fourth book down in the left pile were belated birthday presents to myself from a week ago.


joemac53 said...

Criminies, I am just taking a break from cleaning my books out! At least I have a wood stove and a welcoming library nearby! No new piles for me!

Read "ulysses", you will like it once you catch the streams.

The Lorax said...

Ulysses is one of those books I started several years ago and then got distracted by other things that I lost the rhythm. I am ready to get back to it again.