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AbC Turned 4

WOW, I was thinking it is about that time of year...Indeed, on the first of this month 4 years ago I published my first post. I have been vomiting opinion thoughts and ideas sporadically ever sense. Since AbC's inception, I have published 187 posts and have averaged ~50 posts a year.

The big change this last year was joining "Field of Science " which, not surprisingly, has increased traffic. (Although I still haven't come close to repeating my peak hits in a day of >6000 after PZ linked to a post of mine.) Its been fun being part of a collective and reading the work of other interesting science minded people.

Happy belated birthday to my blog. Hope this year will be even better than last.

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Mike Haubrich said...

Congratulations, Lorax!

Thx for blogging.